The Fierce Fit Fearless brand was born in 2011 upon the urging of a small group of women who had discovered my blog, www.fitnesssafari.blogspot.com.

I have been a writer most of my adult life, and I began blogging as an outlet to discuss my adventures in fitness, etc. I didn’t know anyone was reading it!

Around this time, I had discovered Intermittent Fasting and heavy strength training via Leangains.com and my life transformation began. I lost about 10-12 pounds of fat and became stronger than ever by combining daily 12-hour fasts, healthy eating and heavy weight lifting – so I blogged about it.

Not long ago, Intermittent Fasting was “new” in the fitness world and there wasn’t much information about how to use daily fasting to lose fat without actually dieting.

A secondary component of IF for fat loss is strength training with heavy weights. Now, among men, picking things up and putting them down for exercise has been a ritual older than recorded history. Among women, however, this practice has always seemed a bit unusual in mainstream society – until recently.

So, it's 2011, and I’m writing about my experiences in my blog and I get an email from a woman suggesting I start a Facebook group for women who are interested in IF and heavy lifting. In April of 2011, Fierce. Fit. Fearless. was born.

The group, which has since been turned secret due to its explosive growth and evolution, has more than 9,000 members from around the world! The group began to morph and stray from its original intent, so I turned it secret and began a new open group called Fierce Fit Fearless 2.0. The reboot has gained more than 600 members in two weeks and continues to grow exponentially.

Five years ago, I was a 30-something mother, former high-school athlete and I was skinny fat and weak. IF and weight training lit a fire in me that has not just changed my body, but it has changed my thinking, my daily behavior and habits as well as my career path.

In 2012, after being laid off from my Public Relations job, I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Currently I work for the U.S. Navy as a Fitness Trainer.

Additionally, my Facebook brand, Fierce Fit Fearless, has introduced me to thousands of like-minded women around the globe who I share advice, information, experiences and laughs with on a daily basis. These shirts are for you, ladies! Thank you for your constant motivation and support!